GhoVerse: Upcoming Epic Ghost Metaverse

2 min readMar 23, 2023

In a universe of endless possibilities, a new battleground has emerged. Ghosts and hunters clash in a metaverse game that spans entire planets and towns.

This play-to-earn game offers a unique and long-lasting experience, driven by the procedural and AI-generated universe, as well as the skills of real players.

Unlike traditional games that are divided into levels, this game offers open-ended and dynamic gameplay, where players can explore an endless variety of procedurally generated planets and towns, encounter different types of ghosts, and compete with other players. The game’s longevity is ensured by the ever-expanding universe and the unpredictable strategies and tactics that players bring to the game.

The ghosts are on a mission to collect valuable coins minted by the planet and town owners, but the hunters are hot on their trail, determined to rid the towns of their spectral invaders and claim the coins for themselves.

With three different ghost types to encounter — black, gray, and white — the hunters must be skilled and strategic to survive. Black ghosts are the most difficult to defeat, requiring precise aim and quick reflexes. Gray ghosts are harder than white ghosts, but not as challenging as black ones. White ghosts are the most common and have a standard level of power.

As a player, you must choose your side and fight for supremacy in this expanding universe. Will you become a cunning ghost, sneaking through the streets and collecting coins under cover of darkness? Or will you don the mantle of a brave hunter, tracking down and banishing these otherworldly creatures from the towns they seek to haunt and collecting the coins they leave behind?

With ever-expanding planets, towns, and an ever-growing community of players, this web3 game is a journey into a world of endless possibilities. Join the hunt, embrace the spirit of the ghost, or become a planet or town owner and mint your own coins — the choice is yours.

Are you ready to enter this ghost metaverse and stake your claim with the most realistic and procedurally generated gameplay experience? Own a Ghost or Hunter NFT and get ready to enter this thrilling metaverse game.

As the game is still in its alpha demo stage, it may be wise to invest in NFTs like planets, towns, ghosts, or hunters early on, as their values may increase significantly once the game is fully released.

Step into a world beyond imagination: Get ready for the ultimate adventure in our web3 metaverse game — Coming Soon!